Well, we made it home without much excitement. Chris’s corp won 2nd place in the finals. He was on cloud nine, and he deserved it! He and the others in his corps worked really hard. We saw them practicing in the triple-digit heat here in south Texas back in July. We only got to visit with him for a few hours after the competition. We had to leave for Chicago at 7AM on Sunday to make our flight home. [Read More]

DCI Semi-finals

We are now in Madison, WI at Camp Randall Stadium. The temperature is a cool and breezy 70 degrees. It feels awesome! We spent the majority of the day in Chicago. We went to the skydeck of the Sears Tower and saw the awesome view, then had some delicious stuffed pizza. After our 2PM lunch, I paid $26 to leave the parking garage after 3 hours! Oh yeah! And we saw a poor old lady fall and bust her head open in a souvenier shop. [Read More]

We made it!

Well, we got to the airport at 5AM to find out that the airports had been raised to threat level orange due to a terrorist plot uncovered in the UK. Luckily we had already packed all liquids in checked baggage. It took a little longer to get through security, but we made it ok. The flight to Chicago was pretty uneventful, other then getting re-routed 45 minutes out of the way due to inclement weather. [Read More]