Introducing SiteGloop

I would like to introduce a little Python program that I wrote called SiteGloop! It is a site crawler that can be used to take snapshots of your pages, or it can be used to warm your cache.

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I Can Haz Password?

Update: Site is no longer online and links no longer work. Last night, a site that I helped write in Python (prior to 2005) was moved to a new server. It came as a surprise to no one that the site broke as a result of the move. The old server was likely RHEL 2.1. The new server is likely RHEL 5 or 6. Python versions are different, and I don’t even know if they copied over the custom module stuff that we did back then. [Read More]

XHTML, Web 2.0 and me

Well, it looks like I’ve successfully converted my website to XHTML 1.0! It was kind of a pain in the butt, but I think it was worth it in the long run. I was able to clean up a bunch of mess left behind by my lazyness when coding the site initially. Supposedly, XHTML is supposed to be more “extensible” (which is where the X in XHTML comes from), but I guess we’ll see. [Read More]


I did something new yesterday. I did some Rails. Ruby on Rails to be exact. It’s pretty darn neat! If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a web framework that lets you easily create and maintain database-driven websites. You can setup a simple site in a matter of minutes! I also played with Ruby itself today. It’s the scripting language that Rails runs on. I was able to do something with it that I have never been able to do with any other programming language…at least not this easily. [Read More]