I found a link where someone created a MAME console that looks like a TARDIS from Doctor Who! It looks AWESOME! In case you don’t know what MAME is, it’s and emulator that emulates the hardware in the old cabinet arcade machines and let’s you run the ROMs for those old games. You can find more info here. The link to the TARDIS version is:



Western Digital MyBook + RHEL 4 != Friends

Yesterday, a customer of mine asked us to mount their 1TB Western Digital external USB drive on their server. Simple enough task, right? Apparently not. When we plugged the device into the server, it saw it as Type: Enclosure instead of the usual Type: Direct-Access. The sg module would assign the device a raw device name (/dev/sgX), but not a block device name (/dev/sdX). When I researched the drive, I found out that the device actually has two physical drives in it, with an internal RAID card. [Read More]