Laura, the kids and I have made the decision to move from San Antonio, TX to Tennessee. Dandridge, TN to be exact. We’ll be moving “officially” in mid-June, once the kids are out of school for the year. It’s bittersweet. On the one hand, we are looking forward to the new adventure, but on the other hand I will miss my family tremendously.

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The Twins' Heartbeats

So, last week I rented a Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitor so that Laura and I could hear the heartbeats coming from the twins. It was delivered yesterday, and we gave it a try. Here are two MP3s that I made of the heartbeats. In the second one, you can hear Andi saying that she thinks it sounds like a dog. I think she was referring to the sound of a dog panting. [Read More]

South Padre Island

So….a couple of months ago, I reserved a hotel room in South Padre Island for this week so that Laura and I could go and get away for our 1st wedding anniversary. Well, we have decided to take Andi with us. Everyone that we have told this to has said that we are crazy. They’ve said that South Padre is going to be too wild for her. I’ll be honest…I’m starting to get a little nervous. [Read More]

Blue October Concert

Laura and I went to Mixfest at Sunset Station on Friday 4/27/07 where we got to see Blue October! The concert was AWESOME! By far the BEST concert I have ever attended. We started out about 50 feet from the stage, and by the end of the concert, Laura had pushed our way to about 10 feet from the stage. If you haven’t heard Blue October, I highly recommend them. They are one of those bands that sounds better live and in person then they do on the CD, although that’s not to say that they don’t sound good on the CD, because they do. [Read More]

RHCP Concert

I went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert on Tuesday night (3/6/07). It was awesome! The opening act was Gnarls Barkley. Unfortunately, I missed most of their performance. I was stuck in line trying to buy some T-shirts. The Chili Peppers were really, really, awesome. Kiedis sang well, but really didn’t interact with the crowd. The other guys (John Fusciante – guitar, Flea – Bass, Chad Smith – Drums) were unbelievably good! [Read More]