Blog Migration

Today I have successfully migrated my blog from Jekyll to Hugo! I got tired of dealing with Ruby and Gems. I found a blog post about combining GitHub Actions, Hugo and AWS S3 in order to host a static site. Now that it’s setup, it’s pretty nice! All I have to do is commit the new post to the main branch of the repo and everything else happens auto-magically! Steps Taken I was able to accomplish this task with the following steps: [Read More]

Bye Bye, Wordpress

This blog has been pretty much dormant since 2012. One reason is that I just simply don’t have much time to invest in much of anything. The second reason is that Wordpress is just a pain in the keister. It’s slow, constantly in need of updates, and way too much bloat for a small blog like mine. In an effort to increase performance on my blog, I’ve transferred all of the content from Wordpress to Jekyll, which is a static site generator. [Read More]

Javascript, JQuery, Passwords, Etc.

Update: Site is no longer online and links no longer work. I have been busy the past few weeks! I decided that I wanted to try and learn a bit about Javascript and JQuery, so I took it upon myself to write a couple of Web Apps. The first was a little private Web App that I made for my wife and daughter. We’ve recently begun using a “Happy Ticket” reward system, where she accumulates the tickets based on her good behavior. [Read More]

I Can Haz Password?

Update: Site is no longer online and links no longer work. Last night, a site that I helped write in Python (prior to 2005) was moved to a new server. It came as a surprise to no one that the site broke as a result of the move. The old server was likely RHEL 2.1. The new server is likely RHEL 5 or 6. Python versions are different, and I don’t even know if they copied over the custom module stuff that we did back then. [Read More]


I’ve recently begun playing with Drupal. It’s a Content Management System written in PHP. So far, I’ve moved my blog over, and I’m trying to get my photo gallery integrated into it. So far, it’s been pretty easy to use, and I’m pretty impressed! Stay tuned for more updates!


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