Another Funny Video

I don’t know why I laugh so much at other people’s misfortunes! This video had me cracking up!


My dog, Belle, is weird.

Belle is the best dog I’ve ever had. She is very gentle. She’s the only dog I have ever had that didn’t nearly bite my hand off when I handed her food or treats. She only barks when there is a stranger outside. She listens to your commands, and she is potty trained. All without ANY formal training. She is kind of weird though. This is a picture of depicting how she normally relaxes. [Read More]
Belle  Funny 

Biggest Sewer Rat EVER!!!

So, I was in New York City on Thursday and Friday of last week (2/26-2/27). I went to the Omni Berkshire on 52nd street to meet up with some co-workers, and there I saw NYC’s BIGGEST sewer rat EVER!


I’m not sure what they were protesting. Something about construction at The Pratt Institute. It was pretty cool! I wanted to join in on the fun!


Christmas Spirit

Some people love Christmas.  They really do all that they can to get into the Christmas spirit.  My boss is one such person.  Check out the following video of him:


Funny  Work 

This video ruined all Mark Wahlberg movies for me…

So…I’m watching Saturday Night Live and I see this skit about Mark Wahlberg talking to animals. I thought it was pretty hilarious at the time. Fast forward to the following week. We buy The Happening on Blu-Ray and watch it. Throughout the entire movie, the only thing I could think about was “Mark Wahlberg talks to animals”. Check it out and let it ruin Mark Wahlberg movies for you too: [Read More]