DCI/Cavaliers in San Antonio!

Well, it’s that time of the year again! The DCI Southwestern Championship is in San Antonio this Saturday, July 19th! This year, I’ll be cheering on The Cavaliers. Cavaliers Food Truck This year is my brother-in-law’s age-out year, and he chose The Cavaliers as the corps that he wanted to be in for his last year. Last year he was in the World Champion Blue Devils, the year before that he was a member of the 1st place drum line for Phantom Regiment, before that he was a member of The Crossmen, and finally before that he started out with The Jersey Surf. [Read More]

Los Diablos Azules y Los Hombres de la Cruz

The Blue Devils won 1st place in the DCI Soutwestern Championship in San Antonio, TX this past Saturday night (July 21, 2007). They were awesome! They truly deserved it! My prediction is that they will take 1st place at the World Championship this year. The Crossmen didn’t do as well as we had hoped. They came in 7th place in the afternoon competition, which I guess would put them 15th for the day. [Read More]

DCI Southwest Championship this weekend!

The DCI Southwest Championship is here this weekend in San Antonio, TX! We will get to see both Laura’s dad AND brother! Her dad will be here with The Crossmen, and Chris will be here with The Blue Devils. The Blue Devils are doing REALLY well this year. They have placed no lower then 2nd this year, and have placed in 1st place a total of 13 out of 17 times! [Read More]

DCI Semi-finals

We are now in Madison, WI at Camp Randall Stadium. The temperature is a cool and breezy 70 degrees. It feels awesome! We spent the majority of the day in Chicago. We went to the skydeck of the Sears Tower and saw the awesome view, then had some delicious stuffed pizza. After our 2PM lunch, I paid $26 to leave the parking garage after 3 hours! Oh yeah! And we saw a poor old lady fall and bust her head open in a souvenier shop. [Read More]

We made it!

Well, we got to the airport at 5AM to find out that the airports had been raised to threat level orange due to a terrorist plot uncovered in the UK. Luckily we had already packed all liquids in checked baggage. It took a little longer to get through security, but we made it ok. The flight to Chicago was pretty uneventful, other then getting re-routed 45 minutes out of the way due to inclement weather. [Read More]