Long Overdue Update

This update is LONG overdue. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time even now to post much of an update. I’ll give a brief overview of my goings-on over the past month or so: We discovered a problem with the way that Pulte was building our house. We said (and had photographic evidence) that they had left a stump beneath the foundation, and they claimed that it was pulled. They were unable to provide us with proof that the stump was pulled, and our contacts at the construction office were NOT very customer-service oriented. [Read More]

New Home Update: It's starting!

We stopped by the lot this weekend and found that they are starting to put up the forms for the foundation! It’s up on three of the four sides, so for the first time, we are able to see how the house is going to sit on the lot, and how our backyard is going to look. The only problem that we saw was that our neighbor has a trailer on the side of their house that is now blocked in by the foundation forms. [Read More]

New Home Update – 8/20/07

Well, I got an email from our customer service rep at Pulte on Friday.  He said that the “final” date on our house is December 3rd.  That is the date that they say everything should be complete, and we would close on it a couple of days later.  I’m still a bit skeptical since they haven’t even broken ground on it.  I guess we’ll see!  Wish us luck!


New Home Update - 8/3/07

Pre-Construction Meeting No, this isn’t our new house. It’s the lot where our house will be built. Yesterday, we had our pre-construction meeting. We went over all of our design choices, and were given a run-down of the procedures involved with building a house. They went over all the different stages from clearing the land, to the final walk-through. They haven’t given us a final completion date, however, because they are still waiting on the plot plan. [Read More]

New Home Update - 7/27/07

Well, I spoke with my Pulte sales representative yesterday. She said that the “final” date on the house is scheduled for sometime between 1/3/08 – 1/9/08. That means that the final day of work on the house should be on one of those days. Closing would occur the day after the “final” date, and then we would take possession of the house and move in. Hopefully there won’t be any construction delays! [Read More]