What a booger...

This morning while I was walking the dogs, I found some keys that someone had left behind at the mailbox cluster. I asked my mom to take them to the leasing office and turn them in once they opened for the day and was going to ask my newly-turned 5-year-old son, Rylan, to help her. I figured it would be an “adventure” for him. I was wrong…

Me: Ry! I need help from a 5 year old and an old lady! Do you know a five year old and an old lady that can help me?

Ry (looking up from his game): Jacob and Memo. (Goes back to his game)

Me: Hmmm… I don’t know where Jacob is. Are there any OTHER five year olds that can help me?

Ry (Without looking up from his game): Madeleine. Or one of my other friends from Castle Hills First Baptist.

Me (Leaning in): What about you?! You are five!

Ry (Looking up from his game, Sighs & shakes his head then goes back to his game): I’m not helping.

Little stinker…..


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