This video ruined all Mark Wahlberg movies for me…

So...I'm watching Saturday Night Live and I see this skit about Mark Wahlberg talking to animals.  I thought it was pretty hilarious at the time.  Fast forward to the following week.  We buy The Happening on Blu-Ray and watch it.  Throughout the entire movie, the only thing I could think... [Read More]
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Cool video

| I saw this video today, and I really liked the look of it. It mixes pencil animation with stop-motion animation and live action footage. Check it out! [Read More]
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New Weezer Video

| Weezer debuted a new video last night for their latest single, "Troublemaker". Not quite as entertaining as the video for Pork & Beans, but still good. I like how they are not afraid to have fun and make fun of themselves. [Read More]
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Slacker, no more! (hopefully)

| I haven't updated my Blog in a while. Bad blogger! My reasoning is just lack of time. I've now done something to remove that excuse. I've installed a module that allows me to post updates via email. This means that if I'm stuck at a doctor's office or anywhere... [Read More]