The Twins’ Heartbeats

So, last week I rented a Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitor so that Laura and I could hear the heartbeats coming from the twins.  It was delivered yesterday, and we gave it a try.  Here are two MP3s that I made of the heartbeats.  In the second one, you can hear... [Read More]

Check out my new monitor!

As a reward for some work that I did with my job, I was given a brand new 24″ Dell 2408WFP UltraSharp monitor.  It is now running as my main display off of my MacBook Pro.  I also have a 19″ Dell E196FP monitor connected to the MacBook Pro over... [Read More]
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I am now a PUBLISHED photographer!

An online city guide website Schmap has used one of my pictures in the 2009 edition of their Vienna, Austria city guide.  They found a picture that I took of the Hotel Sacher in my Flickr gallery.  The picture was taken during my recent trip to Vienna and the Czech Republic.... [Read More]
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Biggest Sewer Rat EVER!!!

So, I was in New York City on Thursday and Friday of last week (2/26-2/27). I went to the Omni Berkshire on 52nd street to meet up with some co-workers, and there I saw NYC’s BIGGEST sewer rat EVER! [Read More]