Flip UltraHD Camera

Over the weekend, I purchased a Flip UltraHD video camcorder. It’s a flash memory based camera that holds two hours of 1280x720p video. I haven’t had anything interesting to record yet, but this is some sample footage that I shot in a food court on Saturday Night. [Read More]
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Accident Hot Spot

Every morning, I take the same route to work.  It never fails that at least once a week (though often more then once) there is an accident on I-410 West-bound on the bridge over Bandera Rd.  What is it about this location that causes so many accidents?  I don’t get... [Read More]
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The Twins’ Heartbeats

So, last week I rented a Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitor so that Laura and I could hear the heartbeats coming from the twins.  It was delivered yesterday, and we gave it a try.  Here are two MP3s that I made of the heartbeats.  In the second one, you can hear... [Read More]