Blogging from my phone!

In preperation for my trip to Chicago and Madison for the DCI World Championships, I decided to setup a way to blog about my trip from my phone. This is the result! Posted from my Palm Treo 700p Phone! [Read More]
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She said YES!!!

I'm getting married! On July 1, 2006 I proposed to Laura Lennox at the Tower of the Americas here in San Antonio, Texas. It was a beautiful, clear night. It went off without a hitch despite Laura's intense fear of heights. [Read More]
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Flock Web Browser

| I have downloaded a new web browser for Mac OS X that seems to be really nice. It's called Flock and it's available at It's based on Firefox, but is much nicer. I recommend anyone with Mac OS X to give it a try! [Read More]
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Fortune Cookie

| I got a fortune cookie with my lunch today.  The fortune said: When you're finished changing, you're finished. At first, I was a bit disappointed in this fortune.  I felt as though I had been cheated.  I mean, duh!  When you're finished changing, of course you're finished!  You just... [Read More]
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XHTML, Web 2.0 and me

| Well, it looks like I've successfully converted my website to XHTML 1.0! It was kind of a pain in the butt, but I think it was worth it in the long run. I was able to clean up a bunch of mess left behind by my lazyness when coding... [Read More]
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