Building a new house!

| Well, it's official!  Laura and I got final approval on a loan for a new house yesterday!  We are going to be building a new Pulte home in the new Alamo Ranch area off of SH-151 and Loop 1604.  It's a one-floor, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath house with a... [Read More]

34 Uses for Soda, Other Than Drinking It

I found this article on Digg this morning.  It lists 34 different way to use soda, other then for quenching thirst.  Some of them I knew about, but others were quite surprising!  It's a good article, that kind of shows how scary it is to think about all of the... [Read More]

Blue October Concert

| Laura and I went to Mixfest at Sunset Station on Friday 4/27/07 where we got to see Blue October! The concert was AWESOME! By far the BEST concert I have ever attended. We started out about 50 feet from the stage, and by the end of the concert, Laura... [Read More]

HDR Pics

I've been playing with HDR Photos recently. Ever since I first saw some examples, I've wanted to do it myself. I uploaded some examples of my first attempt to my gallery at Check them out! J [Read More]