New Home Update – 7/27/07

Well, I spoke with my Pulte sales representative yesterday.  She said that the "final" date on the house is scheduled for sometime between 1/3/08 - 1/9/08.  That means that the final day of work on the house should be on one of those days.  Closing would occur the day after... [Read More]
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New Home Update – 7/25/07

Laura got a call yesterday from someone at USAA's "Mover's Advantage" program.  They told her that they were notified by Pulte that our closing date would be December 31st.  That was news to us!  The most recent information we had received from Pulte (back when we went in to choose... [Read More]
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52 hours and 18 minutes

| So....on Tuesday I bought a program called Tech Tool Pro.  I had seen some errors in my laptop's system logs that indicated that my drive was highly fragmented.  I had always thought this to not be possible on an HFS+ filesystem.  I was incorrect.  Apparently, this can happen if... [Read More]
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