52 hours and 18 minutes

| So....on Tuesday I bought a program called Tech Tool Pro.  I had seen some errors in my laptop's system logs that indicated that my drive was highly fragmented.  I had always thought this to not be possible on an HFS+ filesystem.  I was incorrect.  Apparently, this can happen if... [Read More]

DCI Southwest Championship this weekend!

| The DCI Southwest Championship is here this weekend in San Antonio, TX! We will get to see both Laura's dad AND brother! Her dad will be here with The Crossmen, and Chris will be here with The Blue Devils. The Blue Devils are doing REALLY well this year. They... [Read More]

Building a new house!

| Well, it's official!  Laura and I got final approval on a loan for a new house yesterday!  We are going to be building a new Pulte home in the new Alamo Ranch area off of SH-151 and Loop 1604.  It's a one-floor, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath house with a... [Read More]

34 Uses for Soda, Other Than Drinking It

I found this article on Digg this morning.  It lists 34 different way to use soda, other then for quenching thirst.  Some of them I knew about, but others were quite surprising!  It's a good article, that kind of shows how scary it is to think about all of the... [Read More]