Black Gold!

Found this video on YouTube today.  It's a video for the 10th anniversary Datsun 280ZX, circa 1980.  What were they thinking?[video:]J [Read More]
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James Blunt + Sesame Street

I ran across this video on YouTube today.  It's a video of James Blunt on Sesame Street.  He's singing a song about something that he's lost, but he's singing it to the tune of his song "You're Beautiful".  I can't help but wonder if the writers and producers of Sesame... [Read More]


| Coming from a family of teachers, I was taught that teaching is one of the hardest working, yet most underpaid professions in the world.  I found this video clip that caught my attention.  It's called "What do teachers make?" J [Read More]
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New Home Update – 7/27/07

Well, I spoke with my Pulte sales representative yesterday.  She said that the "final" date on the house is scheduled for sometime between 1/3/08 - 1/9/08.  That means that the final day of work on the house should be on one of those days.  Closing would occur the day after... [Read More]