New Home Update – 8/20/07

| Well, I got an email from our customer service rep at Pulte on Friday.  He said that the "final" date on our house is December 3rd.  That is the date that they say everything should be complete, and we would close on it a couple of days later.  I'm... [Read More]
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Black Gold!

Found this video on YouTube today.  It's a video for the 10th anniversary Datsun 280ZX, circa 1980.  What were they thinking?[video:]J [Read More]
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James Blunt + Sesame Street

I ran across this video on YouTube today.  It's a video of James Blunt on Sesame Street.  He's singing a song about something that he's lost, but he's singing it to the tune of his song "You're Beautiful".  I can't help but wonder if the writers and producers of Sesame... [Read More]
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| Coming from a family of teachers, I was taught that teaching is one of the hardest working, yet most underpaid professions in the world.  I found this video clip that caught my attention.  It's called "What do teachers make?" J [Read More]
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