[UPDATED] I Heart Triplets!

Update: 9/11/07 My hopes and dreams have been dashed. My submission to Threadless was declined. I guess I wasn't cut-out to be an artist. I still like the design, so I've gone ahead and setup an online store with Cafepress to offer the shirt for sale. You can reach it... [Read More]
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| I am registering my site with Technorati, which is a site that tracks blogs.  We'll see if it drives any additional traffic.  Doubt it.  Anyway, here's my profile: Technorati Profile J [Read More]
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Dust in Belize

Today I came across some footage from the cruise that Christopher and I took in July of 2004. It's music video that I made of some Mayan ruins to the tune of Kansas' "Dust in the Wind". I can't believe how much he has grown! Check it out: [Read More]

New Home Update – 8/20/07

| Well, I got an email from our customer service rep at Pulte on Friday.  He said that the "final" date on our house is December 3rd.  That is the date that they say everything should be complete, and we would close on it a couple of days later.  I'm... [Read More]