New Weezer Video

| Weezer debuted a new video last night for their latest single, "Troublemaker". Not quite as entertaining as the video for Pork & Beans, but still good. I like how they are not afraid to have fun and make fun of themselves. [Read More]
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Slacker, no more! (hopefully)

| I haven't updated my Blog in a while. Bad blogger! My reasoning is just lack of time. I've now done something to remove that excuse. I've installed a module that allows me to post updates via email. This means that if I'm stuck at a doctor's office or anywhere... [Read More]


| I found a link where someone created a MAME console that looks like a TARDIS from Doctor Who! It looks AWESOME! In case you don't know what MAME is, it's and emulator that emulates the hardware in the old cabinet arcade machines and let's you run the ROMs for... [Read More]