Bye Bye, Wordpress

This blog has been pretty much dormant since 2012. One reason is that I just simply don’t have much time to invest in much of anything. The second reason is that Wordpress is just a pain in the keister. It’s slow, constantly in need of updates, and way too much bloat for a small blog like mine. In an effort to increase performance on my blog, I’ve transferred all of the content from Wordpress to Jekyll, which is a static site generator. [Read More]

Contemporary Resort Lighting Prototype

Contemporary Resort Lighting Prototype
This is my wiring prototype for an idea that I had to improve the Contemporary Resort that is part of my Disney Monorail set. I put it up around my Christmas tree every year, but it seemed like it needed a little something to make it “POP”! I’m hoping that by adding some accent lighting to it, it might help it look a little more realistic. If this goes well, I have some ideas on how I can add some lighting accents to the Polynesian Resort on the other side of my Christmas tree. [Read More]

Updated Excuses Web App!

I have updated the Excuse Generator! I used it as a basis for toying around with creating my own API that would return JSON responses. The new Web App is iOS compatible on the iPhone and iPad, and uses AJAX to refresh the excuses. It is built with Bootstrap and JQuery. A special feature is that it will generate excuses for church on Sundays!* Give it a try! *Site is not intended to actually get you out of work or church. [Read More]

Dumping MySQL Tables via a Wildcard

I have been trying to figure out a way to do this for years! I’ve had customers ask to dump tables from a database that match a certain prefix, however mysqldump doesn’t understand how to use wildcards. I used to have to list each and every table by hand in order to create a dumpfile that matched the customer’s requirements. No longer! The following example can be used to dump all tables that begin with “javier_” from the database called “bigdatabase“: [Read More]

Javascript, JQuery, Passwords, Etc.

Update: Site is no longer online and links no longer work. I have been busy the past few weeks! I decided that I wanted to try and learn a bit about Javascript and JQuery, so I took it upon myself to write a couple of Web Apps. The first was a little private Web App that I made for my wife and daughter. We’ve recently begun using a “Happy Ticket” reward system, where she accumulates the tickets based on her good behavior. [Read More]