Updated Excuses Web App!

I have updated the Excuse Generator! I used it as a basis for toying around with creating my own API that would return JSON responses. The new Web App is iOS compatible on the iPhone and iPad, and uses AJAX to refresh the excuses. It is built with Bootstrap and JQuery. A special feature is that it will generate excuses for church on Sundays!* Give it a try! *Site is not intended to actually get you out of work or church. [Read More]

My Morning Commute

I decided that my first “project” to use my Flip UltraHD camera on would be a time-lapse video of my morning drive. I shot the video the morning of October 13, 2009. This morning was a bit atypical since it was raining, which has been rare this year in San Antonio. The rain led to a somewhat longer commute then usual (60 min. vs. the usual 40 min.) I took the footage from the Flip and imported it into iMovie on my MacBook Pro. [Read More]

Another Funny Video

I don’t know why I laugh so much at other people’s misfortunes! This video had me cracking up!


Accident Hot Spot

Every morning, I take the same route to work. It never fails that at least once a week (though often more then once) there is an accident on I-410 West-bound on the bridge over Bandera Rd. What is it about this location that causes so many accidents? I don’t get it! It’s ALWAYS in the same spot! It jams traffic up for miles. You would think that with the thousands of cars that pass by those accidents each week that the people who frequent that route would learn. [Read More]

My dog, Belle, is weird.

Belle is the best dog I’ve ever had. She is very gentle. She’s the only dog I have ever had that didn’t nearly bite my hand off when I handed her food or treats. She only barks when there is a stranger outside. She listens to your commands, and she is potty trained. All without ANY formal training. She is kind of weird though. This is a picture of depicting how she normally relaxes. [Read More]
Belle  Funny