Blog Migration

Today I have successfully migrated my blog from Jekyll to Hugo! I got tired of dealing with Ruby and Gems. I found a blog post about combining GitHub Actions, Hugo and AWS S3 in order to host a static site. Now that it’s setup, it’s pretty nice! All I have to do is commit the new post to the main branch of the repo and everything else happens auto-magically! Steps Taken I was able to accomplish this task with the following steps: [Read More]


Introducing SiteGloop

I would like to introduce a little Python program that I wrote called SiteGloop! It is a site crawler that can be used to take snapshots of your pages, or it can be used to warm your cache.

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Bye Bye, Wordpress

This blog has been pretty much dormant since 2012. One reason is that I just simply don’t have much time to invest in much of anything. The second reason is that Wordpress is just a pain in the keister. It’s slow, constantly in need of updates, and way too much bloat for a small blog like mine. In an effort to increase performance on my blog, I’ve transferred all of the content from Wordpress to Jekyll, which is a static site generator. [Read More]

Contemporary Resort Lighting Prototype

Contemporary Resort Lighting Prototype
This is my wiring prototype for an idea that I had to improve the Contemporary Resort that is part of my Disney Monorail set. I put it up around my Christmas tree every year, but it seemed like it needed a little something to make it “POP”! I’m hoping that by adding some accent lighting to it, it might help it look a little more realistic. If this goes well, I have some ideas on how I can add some lighting accents to the Polynesian Resort on the other side of my Christmas tree. [Read More]

Dumping MySQL Tables via a Wildcard

I have been trying to figure out a way to do this for years! I’ve had customers ask to dump tables from a database that match a certain prefix, however mysqldump doesn’t understand how to use wildcards. I used to have to list each and every table by hand in order to create a dumpfile that matched the customer’s requirements. No longer! The following example can be used to dump all tables that begin with “javier_” from the database called “bigdatabase“: [Read More]