Bye Bye, Wordpress

This blog has been pretty much dormant since 2012. One reason is that I just simply don’t have much time to invest in much of anything. The second reason is that Wordpress is just a pain in the keister. It’s slow, constantly in need of updates, and way too much bloat for a small blog like mine.

In an effort to increase performance on my blog, I’ve transferred all of the content from Wordpress to Jekyll, which is a static site generator. What that means is that I create my posts offline, Jekyll converts it to HTML, and I then upload that to my webserver. There is nothing “running” on my webserver that I need to keep patched (other then the web server software itself), and I can now write my posts in Markdown instead of through the Wordpress interface. I use Markdown daily in my job and personal life, and find it much easy to use and more efficient. It took me some time to “polish” the Wordpress export into the appropriate Markdown, but it was worth it!

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again. Hopefully this latest change will inspire me to update the site more frequently. :-)


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