Javascript, JQuery, Passwords, Etc.

Update: Site is no longer online and links no longer work.

I have been busy the past few weeks! I decided that I wanted to try and learn a bit about Javascript and JQuery, so I took it upon myself to write a couple of Web Apps. The first was a little private Web App that I made for my wife and daughter. We’ve recently begun using a “Happy Ticket” reward system, where she accumulates the tickets based on her good behavior. What the Web App does is serve as a bank for her tickets so that we don’t have to keep track of paper tickets. The app provides the ability to:

  • Bank tickets by Laura and I. Banking tickets requires a user account and passcode that is entered to authenticate that it is either Laura or I banking the tickets. It also records the GeoLocation at the time for future use.
  • Spend Ticket by Andi. There is an interface for Andi to select the number of tickets that she wants to spend with a slider, and then she puts in her passcode to authorize the spending. I am also recording the GeoLocation information of these transactions so that in the future if she does not remember a transaction, I will not only be able to show here when it was made, but also where. Since she is the only one with the ability to spend tickets, she can’t claim that we spent them. 🙂
  • Basic Reporting. Right now, the reporting is limited to an AJAX interface that shows you the transaction records in reverse chronological order. Each time you push the “Show more” button, it appends the next five entries to the display. Right now it only shows who made the transaction, the date/time and whether it was a debit (shows as green) or a credit (shows as red). In the future I would like to add a way to also see on a map where the transaction took place.

“I Can Haz PW?” Web App & Extension

The other app that I wrote is public and available for use. It started out as an iPhone web app for my I Can Haz PW? website. It ended up being a Web App for just about any modern mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. It also works in a normal desktop browser. If you are using an iPhone or iPad with Safari, you can visit and it will detect your browser and forward you to All other mobile browsers can try and going directly to If you install it on your iOS device as a Home Screen Web App, it should also be available to you when you are not connected to a network or the Internet.

I also took the code that I wrote, and bundled it into a Google Chrome extension. This allows you to quickly generate a random password from the Chrome web browser without having to leave the page that you are visiting. You can find the extension here:

If anyone encounters any problems with either the WebApp or the Chrome Extension, send me an email at “javier dot g dot ayala at me dot com”.


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