Long Overdue Update

This update is LONG overdue. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time even now to post much of an update. I’ll give a brief overview of my goings-on over the past month or so:

  • We discovered a problem with the way that Pulte was building our house. We said (and had photographic evidence) that they had left a stump beneath the foundation, and they claimed that it was pulled. They were unable to provide us with proof that the stump was pulled, and our contacts at the construction office were NOT very customer-service oriented. Despite pre-warning them that we would pull out of the deal if we did not receive proof that they corrected the issue, they continued to blow us off. We felt that they left us with no choice other then to cancel the contract.
  • We found and purchased a new home not far from where the Pulte home was located. Its built by THSU, Inc., which is a subsidiary of Toyota. We closed on October 30th, and moved in about a week later. We absolutely love it!
  • Our realtor, Jessica, was AWESOME! Not only was she able to get Toyota to knock some money off the price, but she also got Pulte to refund our earnest money!
  • Football season for the Taft Raider Band is now over. Chris is moving on to Winter Drumline.
  • I celebrated my 32nd birthday on November 21st.

That’s about it for now! Other then that, I’m still working on getting settled into the house, and I’m looking forward to Christmas vacation!


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