New Home Update - 8/3/07

Pre-Construction Meeting


No, this isn’t our new house.  It’s the lot where our house will be built.

Yesterday, we had our pre-construction meeting.  We went over all of our design choices, and were given a run-down of the procedures involved with building a house.  They went over all the different stages from clearing the land, to the final walk-through.  They haven’t given us a final completion date, however, because they are still waiting on the plot plan.  Once that comes in (which should be any day now) we will know when our house will be ready.

We are also moving right along with packing our stuff and moving out of our current house.  This weekend, we should be ready to rent a storage unit, and we’ll start moving our stuff into there.  We will be moving everything we own into there with the exception of our beds and a limited amount of clothing.  Yay.  🙂


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