New Home Update - 7/27/07

Well, I spoke with my Pulte sales representative yesterday.  She said that the “final” date on the house is scheduled for sometime between 1/3/08 – 1/9/08.  That means that the final day of work on the house should be on one of those days.  Closing would occur the day after the “final” date, and then we would take possession of the house and move in.  Hopefully there won’t be any construction delays!

Our pre-construction meeting should occur sometime in August.  They have ordered the plans for the house, and they should arrive sometime between Aug. 10-15.  Once they have arrived, they will schedule our pre-construction meeting, and then things will finally start to roll.

In the mean time, we are going to start packing this weekend.  By next week, we should have a storage space lined up, and we’ll start moving our belongings into it.  I sure hope everything goes smoothly!


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