New Home Update – 7/25/07

Laura got a call yesterday from someone at USAA‘s “Mover’s Advantage” program.  They told her that they were notified by Pulte that our closing date would be December 31st.  That was news to us!  The most recent information we had received from Pulte (back when we went in to choose the colors/tile/carpet) was that it would be in the January/February 2008 timeframe.

Well, Laura put a call in to our Pulte representative, but it was her day off.  The woman who spoke to Laura, however, informed her that our close date is estimated to be November 30th!  She said that they think they will have it completed much sooner then anticipated.

This doesn’t make sense to me for a couple of reasons:

  • When we went in to sign the papers, all the way up until now, our rep has been telling us that the latter part of June, early part of July has been one of their busiest ever.  They have gotten more contracts in then normal, which would mean there are more homes to build at one time then normal.
  • There is a lot right down the street from ours.  On the day that we signed the contract, I noticed that they had put up the forms for the foundation on that lot.  It is now one month later, and the only progress made is that the foundation has been poured.  Nothing else has been done.  With all of the rain that we have had this summer, and all of the delays that I’m sure it has caused in construction, how are they going to complete the homes already under construction, and ours in four months?

Well, I guess time will tell.  Hopefully everything will work out the way that it should.


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