Los Diablos Azules y Los Hombres de la Cruz


The Blue Devils won 1st place in the DCI Soutwestern Championship in San Antonio, TX this past Saturday night (July 21, 2007). They were awesome! They truly deserved it! My prediction is that they will take 1st place at the World Championship this year.


The Crossmen didn’t do as well as we had hoped. They came in 7th place in the afternoon competition, which I guess would put them 15th for the day. This is their first year being based in San Antonio, TX. We figured that they would be going through some growing pains and adjustments, and we were right. The part that was most disappointing was that since they didn’t advance to the evening session, they left right away for Denton, TX. That meant that we didn’t get to see Laura’s dad like we had hoped.

We did, however, get to visit with Chris Lennox after the show. He came home with us after the show, and we spent the next day with him until about 9:30 PM. They then left for Midland, TX for their next show. All in all, it was a fun day. We sure do miss him, though. It sucks only being able to see him a couple of days a year, but I understand. As gifted as he is with music, there are so many more options available to him elsewhere. San Antonio doesn’t have a lot to offer someone with that kind of talent. Hopefully, it won’t be permanent. We’d love to have him come live full-time in San Antonio eventually. Heck, even Houston or Austin would be better then nothing (Hint Hint if you are reading this Chris). 😉


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