Philadelphia, PA

I got back from a trip to Philly on Tuesday.  Laura and I went up there for a bridal shower that her family threw for her.  We had a great time!  I got to play in some snow with Laura’s cousin Sam!  It was the first time in 22 years that I’ve seen snow.


Here is a shot of my feet to prove that I was in the snow!


While we were there, we went to the King of Prussia Mall.  It was HUGE!  There was one thing that caught my eye, however.  While walking through Macy’s looking for some gloves, I spotted an iPod vending machine in the men’s department!


All in all, we had fun.  Even got to have an authentic Cheesesteak from Geno’s Steaks.  It blew away every single other Cheesesteak I have ever had.  Hands down.While I was there, I was also introduced to Wawa, a regional convenience store.  It was AWESOME!  They had some outstanding hot dogs, and I would venture to say that I liked their coffee better then Starbuck’s.Well, that’s it from me for now! We are now less then two months from the wedding!  Things are starting to pick up!  🙂


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