In the latter part of 2019, a new strain of Coronavirus came into existence in the Wuhan province of China. Too little was done to curb the spread of the new virus, and as a result it has turned into a global pandemic. It has now made it into every... [Read More]


Laura, the kids and I have made the decision to move from San Antonio, TX to Tennessee. Dandridge, TN to be exact. We’ll be moving “officially” in mid-June, once the kids are out of school for the year. It’s bittersweet. On the one hand, we are looking forward to the... [Read More]

Apache Rewrite Testing with Molecule

Problem I found myself with the task of not only adding some Apache rewrite/redirect rules to a site configuration, but also TESTING that the created rules had the expected results. These rules would be moving from Varnish to Apache HTTPD, and Varnish had provided us with varnishtest as a means... [Read More]

Filebeat Ansible Role

As discussed in my last post, one of my current assignments at work is to build a new ELK stack to provide logfile aggregation for a new group of servers that will be going online soon. (If you haven’t read that post, I would suggest reading it first.) Just as... [Read More]